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At Leaf Automation, we believe in harnessing the power of technology to revolutionize the way we farm. We are an innovative AgriTech firm that specializes in implementing Artificial Intelligence (AI) tools and automation techniques to modernize farms and elevate their productivity and sustainability.

We understand that the future of agriculture lies in data-driven decisions. That's why we dedicate ourselves to transforming farms into intelligent ecosystems where every decision is backed by reliable, real-time data. From drone imagery analysis to the automatic calculation of crucial agronomic indices, our solutions offer a comprehensive suite of tools for the modern farmer.

How do we do it

Our Services

We design and deliver strong data solutions that integrate, store, analyze, and provide insights. Our goal is to revolutionize Agri-Business by enabling data-driven decisions.


Our service creates customized data reports, including visualizations, summaries, and recommendations, on a regular basis for organizations.


Unleash the potential of unified data with our Data Integration Automation Services, transforming and consolidating your diverse data source into a harmonized, actionable resource.


Get strategic insights with our Data Analysis Automation Service. We analyze data comprehensively and frequently, covering descriptive, predictive, and prescriptive analytics.


Agri-business can implement machine learning and AI algorithms to create tools like predictive models, recommender systems, and chatbots that help organizations get more value from their data.

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